2020-21 Campus Feeding Plan

Curbside Meal Pick-up

BISD will be offering a number of meal distribution locations starting August 17 for curbside pick-up. There will be two additional sites to open on August 31. Meals will be served at select campuses from 10 a.m.- 12:30 p.m. Monday -Friday. Students must be enrolled at a Beaumont ISD campus in order to receive a meal. Parents are required to visit a site within their student's grade range in order to receive a meal.

Students must provide on of the following to pick up a meal:

  1. A current year student ID

  2. A current year letter from the school(that includes name & student ID)

  3. Their name and student ID number to the curbside attendant


  1. Parent(s)/ Legal Guardian(s) may pick up student meals with appropriate forms of verification and with documentation; when a student is not present in the car.

Those forms of verification include:

  • Parent Self-serve portal with Student name and ID number

  • Current Year ID

  • Any official letter from the district that includes the student name and ID number

  • Student name &Student ID provided verbally.

A parent/guardian must sign for meal pick-up when student is not present.